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Price adjustment on cnc Machines

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                                                                  Price  Adjustment  Notice

To All  Dealers and New & Old customers

Thank you for your long-term trust and support for the HIRUNG brand. Since  2015 HIRUNG set up International sales department , we have get good results. But on the base of all dealers and customers support, we hereby very appreciate it !


China is a high-speed development of one of the countries, we HIRUNG  CNC machine tool quality is also improving  in the meantime . For several months down, we are affected by rising costs in raw material , currently , part of the rwa material costs has been increased by more than 10%. So  from May 1, 2017  we HIRUNG brand CNC machine tools  will do adjustment on different models ,detailed  adjustment  is as following :



          EV Series vertical cnc machine center  

          EV850 Series  Rising  5%;

          EV1060/1270/1370/1590/1890  Series Rising 10%

          SP Series big Gantry cnc machine center  Rising 10%

          DU Series 5 axis cnc machine center  No  Adjuestment

          E  cnc lathe  machine center series No Adjustment

          HEP Seris vertical cnc machine center  No Adjustment



In view of the fact that some customers  prices have been confirmed, our company has decided that the price still will be  workable  according to the original negotiation If we receive  the deposit before April 30, 2017 . We will  carry out  the new price from  May 1, 2017 . Hereby all customers pls manage the confirmed machine at first time ,and make preparation for the rising in machine cost . .


We hereby notify you . 




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